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Make Money as a Garage Sale Picker or Yard Sale Picker Whether you are a recreational garage sale picker or a garage sale flipper who resells used items on the internet for profit on sites like eBay and Amazon, we can help you to consistently find more garage sale shopping […]

Garage Sale Picker

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Used item restoration increases profits when reselling on eBay. We will discuss some commonly restored items items and how to restore them. This is the bottom line.Do whatever you can to improve the quality of the product that you are offering for auction. Just make sure that you don’t do the […]

Used Item Restoration

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Top 10 Garage Sale Tips for Increasing Profits Here are the Top 10 Garage Sale Tips for Increasing Profits, a ‘Best Of’ collection from our very popular webpages on improving your garage sale, yard sale, or estate sale for maximizing profits:   # 10Customer Relations: Treat visitors to your garage […]

Top 10 Garage Sale Tips for Increasing Profits