After the Garage Sale

After the garage sale is over, what do you do with all of the unsold items? There are still ways for you to make money on your unsold items!Well, I’ll tell what you do NOT want to do! Do NOT pack the stuff back up and put it back into your house, storage shed or barn.

You want to GET RID OF THE STUFF. That is why you have a garage sale in the first place. So… how do we accomplish the task, ans maybe make a little bit of money on your leftover stuff?

Making Money on Leftover Junk After the Garage Sale



Here are some options for garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale, and estate sale hosts for garage sale cleanup:

  1. DO NOT PAY MONEY FOR GARAGE SALE CLEAN-UP. There are many ways to avoid this. There are many people advertising on Craigslist that will pick up your leftover stuff for free. You can also set boxes at the road with a FREE sign. Somebody will pick up the boxes.
  2. Re-Check everything you have left after the garage sale for items that you can sell online (or somebody else you know can sell it, if you don’t want to). Most media items can be sold online on eBay or Amazon.
  3. Keep stuff together by category. If you have boxes full of books, music, holiday decor, name brand clothing, etc, make a quick listing on Craigslist, and tell people you have a large lot of whatever you have for $5. Somebody will buy it.
  4. You can take boxes of books to Used Book stores and get something for them. Take boxes of CDs or records to used music shops.
  5. Another excellent idea is to coordinate with other future garage sale hosts. Is your neighbor going to have a large garage sale in a couple of weeks? When is your local community or church sale? See if you can drop off your good leftover items for their sale! You may have to help with set-up or something, but it is worth it.
  6. Most cities have a Boy Scout or other organizational benefit at some point in the summer. You can drop off boxes of stuff for them to sell and claim a donation on your income taxes. See below.
  7. BEFORE YOU THROW STUFF IN THE TRASH, YOU CAN WRITE OFF USED ITEMS DONATED TO CHARITY FOR EXCELLENT INCOME TAX WRITE-OFFS. Check for a large list of IRS-approved, acceptable donation amounts for commonly donated items. You will be very surprised at how much you can write off! It’s is definitely worth the time it takes to register on the site, and make your list of items for donation. Make sure that you take digital photos of the boxes and items for your tax records.[amazon template=banner easy&chan=default]

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