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Everybody is talking about the Highway 127 Yard Sale, which is The World’s Longest Yard Sale (Thursday August 7 – Sunday August 10, 2014) and consists of thousands of yard sales and garage sales. Imagine one road lined with mile after mile of estate sales.  How much treasure can you fit […]

127 Yard Sale 2014: Top 5 Places to Go

Get more online garage sale information here: What are they and what are the best sites to start with? You can list garage sale items in the Winter -a profitable alternative to eBay. There are a number of sites that allow people to list items at their ‘online garage sale’ or ‘online […]

Online Garage Sale

Garage Sale Superstar
Yard Sale Tips and Yard Sale Ideas   Yard sale veterans provide many yard sale tips and yard sale advice for making the most money and having the most fun at your sale!Have a successful yard sale this year and make the most yard sale money possible by applying the yard […]

Yard Sale Tips