Endless Yard Sale 2014

Endless Yard Sale 2014

The Endless Yard Sale 2014 is the longest yard sale in the world, featured in a HGTV special, where teams compete in a fun yard sale flipping competition during the 2012 Endless Yard Sale.

In the HGTV program, three teams are given $300, and they venture out into the World’s Longest Yard Sale in Tennessee.  The teams have two days to find the best yard sale treasure at the Endless Yard Sale and flip their finds for the highest value, as determined by the popular hosts of the “Junk Gypsies” series.

Fans of garage sales, yard sales, flipping and repurposing will enjoy this hour of yard sale adventuring.  What will be the biggest money maker?  Will it be the Winchester Advertising piece, the antique bureau, or the ceramic advertising billboard?  The Endless Yard Sale program continues to be re-aired on HGTV.  It’s well worth watching.

The 2011 Endless program is available for viewing on HGTV.com.




The Endless Yard Sale 2014 on Garage Sale Academy.com

Garage Sale Academy features an entire webpage devoted to the Endless Yard Sale 2014.Included on the page are:

  • description of the event, with 2014 dates
  • Links to the Official Website
  • Maps from the beginning to the end of the 690-mile yard sale
  • Endless Yard Sale Photos, Signs, and Clipart
  • A link for free advertising for businesses, flea markets, hotels, campgrounds, and events along the route
  • list of endless yard sale tips and ideas for maximizing your experience
  • Links to over 65 pages of advice and instruction on yard sale flipping, improving your own yard sale or garage sale, how to find gold and silver at yard sales, how to find items for free that you can sell online, how to sell on eBay and Amazon, how to sell used clothing, how to sell used media, how to effectively advertise and organize a garage sale, and much more!


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