Estate Sale Tips


Estate sale tips, and advice for a successful sale: How to organize and advertise your sale.Here we will discuss the differences and similarities to other sales, how to find some good deals and organize your picking efforts.

These can be GREAT locations for internet sellers to visit! Time spent trying to locate these events are well worth your time.


Estate sales, also known in some areas as tag sales, are basically overgrown yard sales or garage sales, used to liquidate a property. As such, the same principles that we have discussed elsewhere in this site for Garage Sale Tips, Garage Sale Flipping, Garage Sale Signs, and Garage Sale Organization also apply to estate sale(s).The term “estate sale” is now being used by more and more average garage sale and yard sale hosts as an advertising ploy to try to get more traffic to their locations, when their sale is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill yard sale.

A true tag sale is a liquidation of the belongings of an entire family or household due to a death in the family or bankruptcy.

They are NOT a moving sale, or a typical multi-family garage sale.




A Sharp Looking Advertising Sign

You are lucky to find several REAL tag sales in a season. When you do find them, put some effort into shopping them and/or flipping used items. There is usually an excellent selection of vintage collectibles and sometimes antiques.If you are including one in your weekend garage sale route, allow yourself at least an hour to shop there, and be there BEFORE the sale starts. Be there and be ready to pick when the sale opens. Move quickly, and don’t be shy. Grab stuff, and run for the pay table!


Estate Sale Tips

These sales are often organized by professional sale services. When you go to one of these organized sales in your area, contact the organizer and give them your contact information. It is mutually beneficial for the organizer to contact you when she has large sales for you to visit (and pick!).

  1. The tag sales that ARE professionally organized will not have many huge bargains. Be careful trying to pick these sites. Most of the prices on the high-end and collectible items will have been price-checked online.
  2. You can get great deals, if a relative that did not live at the house organizes the site! Talk to the hosts. Offer condolences if appropriate. If the organizer did not live at the house, prices will often be great, and they will be eager to unload volume. Make these people offers on large lots of items. You are helping them out, too! You can get some GREAT deals, if you are willing to help them pack up and remove stuff after the sale. What else are they going to do with the junk?! Any offer will often be accepted.
  3. When the sale starts, get to the good stuff first. Quickly! Stuff goes very fast at these sales. Stack your finds in a safe place. Most hosts will allow you to put your stuff behind the table or somewhere else safe for a while. If there isn’t anywhere to pile you stuff, get as much as you can, pay, put the stuff in your car, and come back for more!
  4. Organize your own tag sale just like any other garage sale, except you may wish to hire a professional organizer if you have a large volume of goods to sell, or you are unfamiliar with the value of collectible items. You will want to advertise outside of your local area, as well. Customers will come from hundreds of miles to come to your locations, if you have enough good stuff to sell. Put specifics in your advertisements, and don’t be afraid to emphasize your good sale and make it look better than everybody else’s common garage sale or yard sale. If your sale is going to be the biggest sale of the summer in your area, tell people about it. Make them want to come!
  5. Here is an excellent local and national estate sale locator!

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