Flea Market Shopping

Flea Markets

Flea Markets flipping and shopping success depends on you being more knowledgeable than your competition. We provide some tips to find some great hidden treasures


Flea Market Tables


Treasure Hunting at Flea Markets


  • Probably the biggest advantage to treasure hunting at these locations instead of at garage sales or yard sales is that at here, items are better organized. For instance, if you like looking for a particular category of collectibles like glassware, vinyl records, or vintage toys, you are likely to be able to find an entire vendor or at least an entire display of that type of collectible, instead of having to pick through an entire garage sale.
  • Introduce yourself to vendors that specialize in what you are interested in. These people are constantly shopping for inventory to resell. If they have your contact information, they can get a hold of you if they find what you like!
  • Unless you like throwing away money, you should always be able to get a lower price than what is on the price sticker. Vendors are similar to used car salesmen. They bought their items to resell, and they have to make a profit on them. But, just like cars at a used car lot, all items have some “wiggle room” built into their prices. Vendors WILL deal with you on most prices. If they don’t, move on to the next vendor!
  • Remember that vendors are not garage sale hosts. They are not selling their items just to get them out of their house, like garage sale hosts are.They are looking to make a profit. So, they usually have a good idea how much collectibles are worth, and check selling prices for similar items on eBay. You usually will not find $100 items for 25 cents, like you can occasionally do at garage sales.
  • Be prepared to spend slightly more for individual items than at yard sales. SLIGHTLY. Keep perspective. If you know that you can find similar items consistently at yard sales for considerably less prices, pass on them at flea markets.
  • Markets can be great spots toaccessorize your garage sale finds. You can often find the power cords or controllers for those video game systems that you previously found at thrift stores or garage sales, but were missing cords, etc. You can also find remotes for vintage audio components, upgrade vinyl record jackets for high-end records, find stylus needles for record players, complete sports card sets, and make larger collections of items to resell.
  • If you like a high priced item, make an offer! You never know when the vendor will want to deal. Maybe that item has been sitting in his booth for years, and he is tired of seeing it!


Flipping Flea Market Gold

The Flipping and reselling of items is usually tougher than at garage sales, yard sales and thrift stores. Vendors are really your competition. They often have their own internet auctions or listings. They are not just “picking opportunities”, they are your competition.

  • I don’t tell vendors that I resell items. I find that they are often less likely to haggle on prices, if they think the item will be not resold. It is not a lie to tell vendors that you are a collector. You just choose to sell some of the items that you “collect”, right?
  • Flipping at fleamarkets is tough, but rewarding. Think of it as a challenge to make money off of these vendors. Anybody can make money from garage sale finds, but it takes knowledge and work to make good money from flea mkt items.
  • Use the knowledge gained from ‘Almost Free Money’ to make money from imperfect items. You can make good money by parting out broken vintage items for components, for instance. you can also easily fix many items for resale.


Own Your eBay Traffic


  • Vendors often price their items by looking at fellow vendors’ items or by using old dated price guides. You can make good money buying items that are ‘Hot’ on eBay and Amazon, or items that are ‘Hot’ in other regions.
  • Look for college and sports memorabilia that can be resold better online. The local sports teams will always be highly priced at nearby fleamarkets, but you can find good deals on popular teams from farther away that you can sell for good profits online. I have found some excellent deals on football jerseys, sports cards, pennants, and wall artwork for teams that vendors’ local customers are not interested in. The local teams’ stuff will always be too highly priced to make money on.


Flea Market Sign
Flea Market Photo

There are usually good Markets to find in any area. Many in the northern US are seasonal, however. Here is an excellent flea market locator to use. It also includes some indoor locations for winter shopping!

They also have a newsletter that is useful for being notified of seasonal or weekend events.


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