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fun garage sale is a profitable garage sale! offers the Top Ten tips for making your garage sale fun for hosts and visitors!


You Are Giving Up a Weekend for Your Garage Sale, so Might as Well Make it Fun…Hang with Your Homies!

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Host a Fun Garage Sale for Your Friends and Family!

Some people dread having to hold a garage sale or yard sale.  Why?!  Garage sales can be a great way to get together with friends and family!Make your yard sale fun, and you will make more money, and enjoy yourself in the process.


Here are 10 fun garage sale ideas and yard sale ideas guaranteed to make your weekend more fun… and therefore profitable:

1.  Make it a party!  I don’t mean just the garage sale itself.  If you don’t like organizing get-togethers, make sure that you network with your socialite friend or relative and let them do it for you.

2.  Get your friends together several weekends before your sale, and have them bring over their sale items. Go through your old stuff over drinks or food. It’s fun reliving the glory days with your friends.  “Remember the night that I wore THAT top….?!”

3.   Do your garage sale planning over dinner or a fun event with your co-hosts.  Figure out how you want to organize your sale, and what items you will be featuring in your yard sale ads.

4.  Brainstorm, and come up with a garage sale theme.  Themes can be great fun for adults and children alike.  You can dress up in cool attire and hang fun decorations.  Theme garage sales can be HUGE profit makers.  Advertised correctly, you will bring in shoppers for many miles and they will remember your sale for the next year.

5.  Have an event the same day as the garage sale.  Just make sure that it does not cause additional parking problems for your customers. Have a BBQ right after the sale for your co-hosts.  Have outdoor games set up for the kids.  Make your garage sale weekend something to look forward to.

6.  Get the kids involved.  Let them set up their own toy sale area and decorations.

7.  Jam your favorite tunes at a respectful volume.   Make sure that your music is tolerable for all of your customers, though.   I have been to several yard sales, where customers were hanging out there, just for the music.   I remember a Johnny Cash garage sale that was very popular, and they even had cool decorations.

8.  If it’s hot outside, make sure that you stay hydrated.  You may also want to have a spray bottle.  Stay out of the sun as much as possible.  Take a break and grab some AC inside if it’s unbearable.  It’s no fun being uncomfortable.

9.  Keep your garage sale open only during peak sales hoursand keep your garage sale to two days.   See our related GSA pages for guidance.

10.  Set an Early Bird Policy and stick to it.  Dealing with disrespectful people is one of the irritating part of hosting a garage sale.



Chalkboards Can Be Fun Yard Sale Ideas.You Can Experiment with Fun Garage Sale Signs and They are Fun for the Kids to Help Design Cool Signs

Keepin’ it Loose…

If Garage Sale Hosts are Having Fun, Customers Will Feel More Comfortable and Spend More Time at Your Sale, Yielding More Sales


Have a Fun Garage Sale and Your Customers Will be Back Next Year!

It does take some additional time and effort to make your garage sale or yard sale fun and memorable.  But, most theme garage sales that I have been to are not only fun and interesting for the guests, the hosts themselves are usually really enjoying themselves, as well.And almost without fail, theese well-organized and fun garage sales are by far the most successful.  I remember one weekend, I wasn’t even garage sale shopping and I drove by a huge line of parked cars in a rural area.

Well, I had to see what the hub-bub was all about.  It ended up being an Elvis garage sale, and there were people dressed up like Elvis everywhere.  It was really cool (and I am not an Elvis fan).  Elvis music playing, Elvis posters displayed.  And there were not even any Elvis items for sale.  But there were people everywhere and they were all buying stuff.   They must have advertised their theme sale well, because a LOT of people were there in full Elvis gear.

Make your yard sale fun, and customers will come and they will stay longer at your sale then they would for the same boring old garage sale.  And, the longer they stay, the more they will buy.


How to make your yard sale fun for your customers:

  • Have a theme
  • Have fun music
  • Organize your garage sale effectively, so people can move around freely
  • Make sure people are as comfortable as possible
  • Greet each customer as they arrive
  • Have fun yourself, as the host
  • Make fun garage sale decorations and signs



naked girls yard sale

Fun Garage Sale Ideas and Fun Yard Sale Themes

Here are some fun yard sale themes that I have seen that worked very well.Use these ideas for yourself or as fuel for your creative juices…


Fun Yard Sale Themes


  • Kids / Toys Garage Sale
  • Manly Garage Sale [Power Tools, etc]
  • Outdoor Rec Sale [All Hunting , Fishing, Camping, etc]
  • Mom to Mom Sale
  • Mother / Daughter Sales
  • Big 80s Sale [Awesome!]
  • Retro Sale
  • Antique Sale
  • Disco Sale
  • Beachwear Sale -“Bikinis Optional”
  • Cult Favorite themes – Elvis, etc
  • Movie themes – Star Wars, TMNT, etc



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