Garage Sale Advertising

Garage sale advertising and yard sale advertising can effectively double the traffic to your sale. Free garage sale classified ads, Craigslist, and newspaper classifieds are options available to hosts.Speaking from the perspective of a long-time garage sale picker, I will tell you that 90% of the thousands of garage sales and yard sales that I have been to were found either on classified ads or on Craigslist.What does that mean for you, the garage sale host? You can’t rely on simply throwing up a couple of rummage sale signs, if you want to get good traffic to your site. Sure, you will get a few shoppers, but you are having a garage sale to make some money, and organize your home, so make the effort to advertise your garage sale.

You can advertise garage sales very effectively for free. We will show you how.





Garage Sale Advertising Tips

  1. Take advantage of listing your garage sale in free classified ads for two weeks prior to your sale, not just one week. Many newspaper classifieds are received on Wednesday or Thursday, and the extra week allows those people who don’t immediately browse their classifieds to find your yard sale.
  2. Garage sale ads should be posted in multiple locations, both online and in newspapers. It does not take very long to make an online classified listing for your garage sale on Craigslist and in your local ‘Home Shopper’ classified newspaper.
  3. Make sure that you list your estate sale on Craigslist. Most garage sale pickers start planning garage sales routes by finding good sales on Craigslist these days.
  4. Garage sale signs are for navigation to your sale, not garage sale advertisement! Make sure your signs are visible from the roadway, so that customers can find their way to your sale. Do not rely on signs to bring in a high volume of traffic. For more tips on the design and placement of garage sale signs, see our related web page.


Content of Classified Garage Sale Ads

I will tell you exactly what garage sale shoppers look for when using online and newspaper classified ads to select garage sales and yard sales to visit for their garage sale picking routes.In perusing hundreds, maybe thousands of yard sale ads, I am constantly surprised by how poorly worded many ads are that are in the classifieds. It is not rocket science. 

This is what your garage sale classified ad should contain:

  • The particulars. Clearly state the days of the week and datesthat your sale will be open, the Times that your sale starts and ends, and the address. That should be the first line. You may wish to add the closest main intersection, but most people either have GPS, or can use Mapquest on their cell phones these days.
  • If other families are contributing to your sale, list your sale as a‘Multi-Family Garage Sale’, or ‘Neighborhood’ Garage Sale. It gives the impression that you will have lots of good swag at your sale. The other families do not all have be physically present at your site. If they gave you some stuff to sell, that’s good enough for me.
  • Descriptions that include phrases like ‘years of accumulation’,‘1st sale in years!’, and ‘Grandma’s first ever garage sale’ would pique my interest. How about yours?
  • List some interesting items that will be for sale at your garage sale. Garage sale advertising really should not be any different than a sales pitch at a department store. Make people interested in going to your sale. What are people looking for that you can use to get them to your sale? Collectibles, Sports Cards, Vinyl Records, Good Furniture, Baby and Kids Clothes, Toys, Old Books, Sporting Goods, Hunting and Fishing Gear, and Name-Brand women’s clothes are several particulars that will bring in customers.
  • Also, list large high-value items like newer electronics, bicycles, lawnmowers, outdoor play sets, large collections like stamp collections and music collections.
  • Specify whether you allow ‘Early-bird Sales’. You have to understand that even if you started your sale at 5AM, you would still have a couple of die-hards there are 4:30. Early-birds can be good for getting a jump-start on your sales, but often, hosts are still trying to get their sale set up, and dealing with taking money and answering questions from these people can be annoying. I’ve always thought that it was inconsiderate of the early-birds anyway. I never go to yard sales before the start time, just for that reason.


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Sample Garage Sale Advertisement

The following is an example of a free garage sale advertisement at a free yard sale classified ad site, like Craigslist. I honestly don’t see any need to pay for classified ads anymore, with the exposure that you can get with Craigslist garage sale ads.Take your money and put it into good yard sale signs and garage sale price stickers instead. Garage sale advertising can be done for free! 

“5-Family Neighborhood Garage Sale. 5525 St. Joseph Street in Montcalm. Friday May 4 and Saturday May 5. Sale Open 7AM-3PM. NO EARLY SALES.

Large accumulation, 1st sale at this address! Collectibles, Big-screen TV, CD’S & records, Food Processor, fishing gear, duck decoys, lots of man stuff & tools, women’s name brand clothes, kids clothes & Toys. Holiday decorations. See you here!”


For step-by-step directions for making a garage sale listing on Craigslist, check out this WikiHow page.


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