Garage Sale Checklist

yardsaleart A garage sale checklist is important to help you get ready for your garage sale or yard sale. Most checklists extend back to over a month before your garage sale or yard sale is scheduled to be held, but the tasks can easily be accomplished at a faster rate when they are recommended to be done if you have some help. Ask family and friends to pitch in and help you.

The garage sale checklist that we recommend is a nicely organized list put together by our friends at Garage Sales Australia.

The garage sale task list features an easily completed list, with large print and highly visible check boxes.

There is also a link at the top of the page that allows you print a Microsoft Word version of the garage sale check list, so that you can keep a hard copy with you at your garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale, or estate sale.


  • Obviously, the most important thing to accomplish is having everything ready BEFORE your garage sale starts. I have been to many garage sales where the hosts still have half of their stuff in boxes and not priced when the yard sale starts. DO NOT BE ONE OF THESE HOSTS!
  • It is very important that your items all have price tags on them, that your signs are all out in the correct locations, and you have your people ready to take in money. Make sure that you go to the bank and get some change the day before the sale. It is so much nicer to be able to be sitting at the pay table with a coffee and greeting customers coming in, than to be flustered and hustling around messing with display tables and boxes!
  • Make sure that you have all of those boxes of your check list checked and everything ready so that you have an enjoyable and profitable garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale, or estate sale.

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