Garage Sale Clip Art

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Garage Sale Clip Art:  Pin these on Pinterest, if you choose.Garage Sale Academy’s ‘BEST OF’ collection -Free Usable garage sale, yard sale cartoons for use on signs, decorations, or Facebook posts!

At the request of many visitors, we have put together a collection of our favorite free garage sale  artwork, free yard sale clip art, funny garage sale cartoons, yard sale cartoons, free estate sale clip art, garage sale funnies, garage sale images, yard sale images, garage sale cartoons, and more.

Some of these garage sale images have been used on our webpages in Garage Sale Academy, and some are newly discovered free garage sale clip art.  You are welcome to use the garage sale art for your own purposes.

Just right-click on the image that you like and copy and paste it into your photo editor to re-size, crop, or personalize the image for use on your yard sale signs and rummage sale decorations.  All of the images are in JPG format so that you can use them in most applications.  We will continue to add quality content and images to this page, so you may wish to bookmark or link to this page.  Just use your ‘Favorite’ button on your web browser to make a link to return.

We are saving you time by collecting these great images in one place.  All that we are asking you to do in exchange is to click on the Facebook ‘Like’ links on this page and Twitter Tweet button to show your appreciation.

Of course, we do accept small donations, by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.  All donations go toward the development of the site, and any leftover proceeds go into our kids’ college funds.

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Garage Sale Academy Clip Art Collection

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