Garage Sale Collectibles

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Garage Sale Collectibles


The Garage Sale Academy discusses Garage sale collectibles: How to sell your own collectibles, how to find awesome vintage collectibles for cheap, and how to resell high value collectibles on eBay and Amazon. 
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Collectibles like these Barbies can be worth $1000, or more!

Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual Seventeenth Edition

How To Sell Antiques and Collectibles


Garage Sale Collectibles: Finding Collectibles for Your Collection


     Garage sales and yard sales can be outstanding places to find collectibles for your personal collection.  Cheap collectibles are found every day at garage sales, and garage sale hosts are also often willing to negotiate prices with collectors.

Most people would much rather have cool collectibles transferred to fellow collectors than eBay sellers.

Let garage sale hosts know that you are a collector!  You will often get a better price, or you may be able to bundle a bunch of similar items together to get the best deal.

We will discuss how to find the collectibles and provide tips for buying yard sale collectibles at the lowest prices on an upcoming webpage.



Selling Garage Sale Collectibles at Your Own Garage Sale


Effectively selling collectibles at garage sales and yard sales can make garage sale hosts a LOT of money, yet few hosts know how to accomplish the task.I have been to hundreds of yard sales where the host had no clue how to sell collectibles at a yard sale.  Some of the common mistakes that I see every weekend at garage sales are:

  • Not DISPLAYING collectibles effectively
  • Under-Pricing High End Collectibles
  • Over Pricing Mass Produced Collectibles, like 1990’s baseball cards and Beanie Babies
  • Not Preparing Collectible Items to Sell for the Highest Price (This is complete laziness)
  • Not willing to negotiate on pricing.  Collectors know the value of the collectibles they buy.  Your emotional attachment to your old collectibles helps nobody! 


We will discuss tips for selling vintage collectibles at garage sales and yard sales in an upcoming webpage.


Selling Garage Sale Collectibles on eBay and Amazon

Flipping Garage Sale Finds can be very profitable. This is especially true of yard sale collectibles.  Still,  selling collectibles on eBay is probably the most competitive area of garage sale flipping.There are thousands of eBay sellers that sell ONLY collectibles picked from yard sales and thrift stores.So… How do you find the “good stuff“, you ask?  Here are some basic tips from a garage sale picker that has sold thousands of estate sale collectibles on eBay and Amazon:

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!  Search eBay listings, especially Completed Listings.  Find collector niche websites.  Look at Collectibles price guides.
  2. Obscure Collectibles can bring excellent money.  Look at all categories of eBay Collectibles, not just the popular categories.  Garage Sale hosts often have popular collectibles over-priced.  It is the items that hosts do not realize are valuable that you can get for great prices!
  3. Negotiate!  The sticker price is hardly ever the lowest price available.
  4. When you find cool collectibles, do not be afraid to ask the host if they have other similar collectibles that they may be willing to sell that are not for sale at their garage sale.  Money talks.  They may very well have whole boxes full of stuff in storage that they were too lazy to dig out!


We will walk through how to find collectibles at garage sales to sell, how to prepare vintage collectibles for resale on eBay, and how to get the best prices on yard sale collectibles on an upcoming webpage.



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