Garage Sale Days

As veteran garage sale hosts, we can give you good advice on which garage sale days you should be open.

  • Should your yard sale be open only on Saturday, or on Friday and Sunday, too?
  • What are the best garage sales days? We have been to hundreds of garage sales, and hosted many more. You will learn what works, and what is just wasted time.
  • Check out a variety of garage sale tips and yard sale tips that will help you make more money on this page, and on more than 80 content pages here on Garage Sale


Saturdays Are a Given, But What About Fridays and Sundays?

Saturdays are BY FAR the best garage sale days to be open. On busy weekends, you can make 60-70% of your garage sale money between 8AM and noon on Saturday. So, what does that tell us?#1, you had better be open for business between 8AM and 12 Noon on Saturday.#2, All of the other days only make up less than 30% of your sales, if you consider that you will probably make some additional good sales on Saturday afternoon past the 60-70% prime time period on Saturday morning.Here are some other things to consider when deciding which garage sale days to be open:

  • Saturdays are MUST-DO days for garage sales. You MUST be open early on Saturday mornings, and be open through mid-afternoon on Saturday, at a minimum. Obviously, the longer you are open and the more days you can stay open, the more sales you are going to have.
  • Fridays are also good days for garage sales and yard sales. You should at least have you rummage sale open for half of a day, on Friday afternoon.
  • You will get some of the really good customers on Friday, including the hard-core pickers and collectors. If you have many collectible items or expensive items to sell, make sure that you are open on Friday!
  • Fridays can also allow you to try selling some of your more expensive items for higher prices. Try putting your max price on these items for a while on Friday. If they don’t sell Friday, lower your prices a bit on Saturday morning.
  • Sundays are poor days for holding yard sales. Many people go to church on Sunday mornings, and others gather for Sunday brunch or other meals. There is generally very poor traffic on Sundays. There is also a perception that all of the good stuff at garage sales is gone, only leaving picked-through trash.
  • You may want to try to hold your garage sale around the first and third weekends of the months, when people often receive their paychecks. People also generally pay bills at the end of the month, so get them at the beginning of the month when they still feel like they can spend money your sale.



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