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The best garage sale Facebook page is hosted by the webmasters of offer a full service yard sale Facebook page with yard sale tips, garage sale tips and free advice for improving your garage sale.

We also interact with with fans on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Garage Sale Facebook Services and Links

We love to interact with our Facebook friends through our Facebook fan page.  Please click on the link in the left navigation pane to join us on the Garage Sale Academy Facebook page.What do we talk about on our Facebook page?

Lots of fun stuff!  Learn how to increase garage sale profits from experienced veterans.  Get garage sale flipping advice from experts in the field, as well as other garage salers in your area.

Check out our social media Links box below to connect with Garage Sale Academy.

The Garage Sale Academy Facebook page also offers:

  • Links to all new GSA Webpages
  • Free content from upcoming Almost Free Money books
  • Engaging conversation with other garage sale fans
  • Garage sale and yard sale photos and artwork
  • Tips for selling garage sale items for profit
  • Links to other great Facebook pages for garage sale-related topics


For Exclusive Members-Only Benefits such as: Advance Reading Chapters for Unreleased Almost Free Money Series Books and Updates on New Webpages






Our Garage Sale Facebook Groups


The Make Money at Garage Sales Yard Sales Thrift Shops Facebook group is a fun place to share stories about garage sale shopping and flipping.

This Open Facebook group is free to join.  We welcome anybody interested in garage sales, yard sales, and thrift store shopping and flipping!

We welcome bragging here!  No need to be shy or modest.  Tell us what you found, how much you paid for it, and what your profit was when you re-sold it.

There are also many good tricks to learn and discussions to partake in here.  Some of the talk is about garage sales, some of it is just life in general.  So come on in and join us!

Author and webmaster Eric Michael also hosts a Facebook group for Kindle authors and publishers (and their friends and families) titled Kindle Authors Helping Authors.

The Kindle Authors group is a tight-knit group that provides Facebook Likes, Amazon Author Page likes, Free promotion downloads and reviews and much more.  If you are a Kindle author, come on in and say hello.


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