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Make Money as a Garage Sale Picker or Yard Sale Picker

Whether you are a recreational garage sale picker or a garage sale flipper who resells used items on the internet for profit on sites like eBay and Amazon, we can help you to consistently find more garage sale shopping treasure with our garage sale tips and yard sale tips.



Garage Sale Tips for Learning How to Become an Expert Garage Sale Picker or Yard Sale Picker

Here are some yard sale tips to help you find the most garage sale treasure each weekend:

  1. Spend some time on, and check out our affordable e-books.  
  2. There is a diverse selection of information on our garage sale website.
  3. Do your research.   A lot of that can be done on Garage Sale Academy, and the Almost Free Money books, but there is a lot to learn on other websites, and some excellent books out there.   Also, TV shows can help you to better visualize things to look for.  We watch shows like Antique Roadshow, Junk Gypsies, and American Pickers.
  4. Start early. Many sales open at 8AM, or earlier.  Be at the sale that you thought sounded the best in its garage sale ad first thing in the morning.
  5. Go to many garage sales and yard sales.  The more sales you go to, the easier it is to spot the great deals.  You also learn the art of getting items for lower prices.
  6. Condition is important for the garage sale picker!  Do not be too quick to grab an item and pay for it. You must make sure that electric items and battery-powered items work (see #5).  If you have to pay for parts, or items do not work, you just threw money in the garbage.
  7. Test all electric or battery powered items BEFORE leaving the sale.
  8. The sticker price is NOT the end price.  Most garage sale hosts have no idea how to price used items (they should visit our garage sale pricing pages!)  They just throw a random price on items.  Many hosts will accept a lower price.
  9. Bundle.  Most people have yard sales in order to get rid of stuff.    It helps tremendously if you offer a round number like $1, $5, $20, etc.
  10. Be nice and outgoing.  People will sell you stuff for less if they like you, and if you get them talking, they will also sometimes tell you about other items that they have that did not make it to the sale!

Awesome Veteran Tricks for Saving Money and Increasing Garage Sale Picker ProfitsOK, so here are some unique tricks that we have used over the last 12 years of yard sale shopping and garage sale picking for profit, in order to get the lowest possible price on used items at yard sales:


  •  There are several pages and posts on our sister site Eric Michael Books Blog that you should check out before you leave this site today.   
  • Must-See pages for the garage sale picker (from the site map):
  1. Flipping Garage Sale Finds: Overview
  2. Garage Sale Blog – Provides all of the freshest trending pages on GSA
  3. Garage Sale Talk Forum – Learn from other garage sale pickers, and help others with your own yard sale tips.  Network with other garage sale fans.
  4. How to Sell on Amazon / eBay / Etsy – 3 different pages, each with tips for selling used items online and maximizing profits.
  5. Eric Michael Books – Discussion and reviews for each book in the Almost Free Money series, with ordering links (Cost: only $3-5 for Kindle, proceeds go towards Garage Sale Academy research and development)
  6. Selling Used Media: Overview with links to selling books, CDs, DVDs, and Video Games.  Used Media is probably the easiest money in the ‘flipping used items’ genre.
  7. Free Gold at Garage Sales: This is unique to this site and found nowhere else.  Teaches a yard sale picker how to find free items to sell at many different garage sales and yard sales.
  8. Garage Sale Shopping Bargains:  Has some good information on garage sale negotiation
  9. Top 10 Money Making Garage Sale Items
  10. Scrap Metal:  MAKE SURE YOU VISIT THIS PAGE.  This is a very underrated source of FREE money, and you can find $20-50 scrap material items at many garage sales, once you know what to look for.

History Channel’s American Pickers, Episode 1

We Love American Pickers!

I Often Wonder How Much They Actually Earn on Their Picks, It is still a Fun Show to Watch


Fast Cash: Flipping Used Items is only $3 on Kindle!

Earn an excellent supplementary income by selling used items from garage sales, yard sales, and thrift shops.

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