Garage Sale Planning

Garage Sale Planning is crucial to the profitability of your sale.The Garage Sale offers yard sale advice for the most important things that you must do when preparing for your garage sale, yard sale or estate sale.We also discuss getting ready to go garage sale shopping:  How to pre-plan your route and figure out which sales will be the best, what you should take with you while garage sailing and how to ensure that you have a fun and productive day at the yard sales.

Getting ready to go to the Worlds Longest Yard Sale 2014?  Here are some things to consider before you take off!


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Yard Sale Planning for Hosts


Garage sales are not like wedding receptions.  You do not have months of preparation to take care of.  But, there are certain things that should be considered and attended to before your sale starts.Here are our top 10 garage sale planning tips:

1.  General Garage Sale Preparation: Decide what type of yard sale that you want to have.  Niche sales like Mom-to-Moms, Manly Sales, Kids Toys Sales and Theme Sales can bring in shoppers from counties away, but require a bit more prep time.

2.   Next, get your team together.  Who is going to help you out, and who will have stuff to sell?  Tell your neighbors when your yard sale is going to be held, so they can help keep an eye on things, or bring goods to sell.

3.  Figure out what you are going to have to sell.  Make a list of everybody’s Big Money items.  Take photos of the best item or two that will be at your sale.  You will want to create some ‘garage sale mania’ with your ads.

4.  Effective garage sale advertising is HUGE.  It is one of the most important aspects of garage sale planning.  Please take a minute to read our Advertising a Garage Sale page before continuing here.  Advertise your items in a number of free locations including Craigslist.

5.  Prepare your items for sale.  The time you spend in yard sale preparation will come back to you in profits. Make your items look good. Dust off stuff that’s been in storage for a while. Put price stickers on all your stuff.  Look at your stuff through the eyes of a potential buyer.

6.  Figure out your Garage Sale Organization plan.  How will you arrange your tables and displays?  Which host will have each area?  We also discuss how to lay out tables for success.  Click the link above.

7.  If you live in a city, suburb, or organized neighborhood area, you may have garage sale rules that apply.  Make sure that you abide by the rules, so you don’t get fined.

8.  The day before your sale, do your final checks.  Make sure all co-hosts are going to be there, and their items are priced.  Make sure that you have cash and coinage to use for change.  Get some of your tables and displays ready to roll.

9.  The night before, get your signs and posters out (as long as that does not violate any rules in your area).

10.  SAFETY.  Make sure that everything detailed in our safety page has been checked.  The last thing that you want to have happen at your yard sale is for somebody to get hurt.





Garage Sale Advertisement is Extremely Important.

Put a Priority on Making an Attractive Garage Sale Ad During Your Garage Sale Planning


Garage Sale Planning for Your Shoppers and Flippers


People often think about planning for their own garage sales, but garage sale shoppers can also make their outings more enjoyable and productive by preparing for an awesome day of yard sale treasure hunting.

1.  Make sure that you have your money ready.  Decide on a budget. Have a good supply of small bills, and a pocketful of dimes and quarters.  You can buy a ton of good stuff at garage sales for 25c.2.  You should develop your own garage sale gear package that you use every time you go out.  Put it in a backpack that is easy to grab and go.  Some ideas:  A light jacket, bottled waters, a garage sale price guide, a cell phone, maybe a granola bar or two, a small pad of paper to write down things to check later or for phone numbers.  I also like to have a bag of batteries for checking electronics (AA and AAA batteries, at least).3.  Check the weather. What type of clothing will you need?  Do you need rain gear?

4.  Look at you local garage sale ads and Craigslist garage sales.  Where do you want to go?  Make yourself a garage sale route for the day.  If you have a GPS, great!  Type in the addresses the night before.

5.  If you are a garage sale flipper, take a look at eBay completed listings or eBay Pulse and see what is hot.  What should you be looking for to make good profits?

6.  Make sure that your vehicle is ready. Do you have room to put boxes in the trunk?  Do you have to stop and get gas before you start shopping?  Don’t get the best sale 5 minutes late and miss the best items because you were unprepared.

7.  Don’t put off your garage sale planning until the morning of the sales.


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