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Garage sale pricing is the most vital factor in determining profits, and how much clutter you will get rid of!The challenge in yard sale pricing is to make the most money possible, while not frustrating customers when pricing for garage sales with sticker prices higher than what they are used to seeing at typical garage sales and yard sales. 

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Bundling is one way to get rid of your clutter and make extra money at your garage sale. Mark your paperback books 5 for $1, instead of 25 cents each.

Obviously, you would take 25 cents for a single book, if a customer asks, but few people will even ask if the asking price is a nice round number like $1.


The fact that you are here on this website shows that you are in the upper 10% of garage sale hosts. You are making the extra effort to do some research into improving your yard sale.I can’t tell you how many sales that I have been to where it is obvious that the host has put no thought or effort into their sale. Half of their items are not priced. There are full boxes laying all over the place. Half of the time, I can’t even tell what is for sale, and what is not. Don’t be one of these people!Hopefully, you heeded the garage sale advice provided in the Garage Sale Tips, and scheduled your sale for several weeks in the future. That way, you have time to gather more items to sell, and make sure that you have all of your items priced.


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Garage Sale Price Tags &
Garage Sale Sticker

One of my pet peeves is yard sale hosts who are too lazy to put price tags on their used items. I hate it. I usually turn around and walk right back to my car, and I know that I am not the only one who feels that way.Unless you have a large box of similar items like books or CDs, each individual item should have a large price sticker on it.The price should be clearly marked on the side of the item that is visible to the shopper. The more obvious the price sticker is, the more likely a customer is to buy it, if the price is right.

Be careful putting price stickers on collectible items like music records and posters.

It’s a shame to damage items by putting gaudy stickers on the collectible portions.

Put price stickers somewhere that it will not damage the item when the sticker is peeled off.






Make sure that you price your items conservatively, but still highly enough to get decent money from your items. Don’t give your stuff away, until the last afternoon.It’s important to adjust your garage sales prices to reflect the condition of your items. Make sure that mechanical items work, and items have all of their pieces. Don’t offer items for full price, if they are worn (See the cartoon above).Don’t try to make an extra dollar at the expense of your customer, if you know the item is not fully functional. Price those items to move. Make your money on collectibles, media items, and good quality kids and women’s clothes.

I will tell you that if I get to a sale and I see a bunch of overpriced items, I usually leave. I don’t waste time haggling. It is an excellent idea to visit a number of garage sales to see what other hosts are using for garage sale prices on commonly sold items, so you know the ball-park that you should be starting in for your own garage sale pricing.

We have also provided a fairly large garage sale price list of commonly sold items and their average prices sold for at garage and yard sales in our Yard Sale Price Guide page.


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