Garage Sale Shopping Bargains

Garage Sale shopping bargains can be found at almost every garage sale or yard sale around the world.  On this page, veterans of shopping at thousands of sales provide garage sale tips to help YOU shop like a garage sale professional.

Learn how to spot the best garage sale deals at each sale, and how garage sale bargaining can help you to lower the final price.

Whether you are a recreational yard sale shopper or a garage sale flipper who resells used items on the internet for profit on sites like eBay and Amazon, we can help you to consistently find more garage sale shopping bargains.



A Successful Day of Finding Garage Sale Shopping Bargains!

At the bottom of this page, there are links provided for assisting you in making money with yard sales and garage sale shopping bargains.

These pages also address other similar sales such as garage sales, rummage sales, estate sales, and tag sales, so you will definitely want to read these pages for additional garage sale tips and yard sale help.

On this page we will discuss some garage sale ideas that will help you to find tons of garage sale shopping bargains each weekend!



Garage Sale Tips to Help You Find Garage Sale Shopping Bargains Like a Pro!



Here are some yard sale tips to help you find the most garage sale shopping bargains each weekend:

  1. Spend some time on, and check out our affordable e-books. We don’t want to brag or sound like a commercial, but there is a diverse selection of information on our garage sale website.  We have over 80 content pages designed to help garage sale fans save money at garage sales and improve yard sales.   Check out the Site Map for links to all of our pages, the Garage Sale Talk forum and subscribe to the Garage Sale Blog for trending information on making money at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets.  We host a very popular page on the World’s Longest Yard Sale.  Our webmaster Eric Michael has also developed 4 books priced $3-5 which can teach you how to become an expert garage sale picker or garage sale host-with-the-most!
  2. Start early. Many sales open at 8AM, or earlier.  Be at the sale that you thought sounded the best in its garage sale ad first thing in the morning.  You should even be there a bit early, as many sales let people in before the posted start time.  Obviously, the longer a sale is open, the more likely it is that the good stuff will gone before you even lay eyes on it.
  3. Go to many garage sales and yard sales.  The more sales you go to, the easier it is to spot the great deals.  You also learn the art of getting items for lower prices (we will offer advice on this later).  This is especially true if you are a garage sale flipper.  As you buy used items and flip them, you get a good feel for how much the item is worth because you have seen the sales prices on comparable items.
  4. Condition is key!  Do not be too quick to grab an item and pay for it.  When we first started garage saling, we made our mistakes.  We brought home stuff, only to discover that they were missing pieces or had hairline cracks in glass items.  If you are looking for garage sale shopping bargains for your family, you must make sure that electric items and battery-powered items work (see #5).  If you have to pay for parts, or items do not work, you just threw money in the garbage.
  5. Test all electric or battery powered items BEFORE leaving the sale.  Most hosts will have outlets available to test electric items.  Turn on battery powered items to see if they work.   You should carry a small supply of batteries with you.  4 AA and AAA batteries are easy to carry in a handbag or pocket. You should also keep 4 C and D batteries in your vehicle (they are somewhat heavy to carry on your person).
  6. The sticker price is NOT the final price.  Most garage sale hosts have no idea how to price used items (they should visit our garage sale pricing pages!)  They just throw a random price on items.  Many hosts will accept a lower price, if you know how to ask.
  7. Bundle.  Most people have yard sales in order to get rid of stuff.  If you offer to buy several items for one low price, they will take the opportunity to clear some room.  For instance, if you see that blue jeans are $3 each at a garage sale, most hosts will accept an offer of 5 blue jeans for $10.  It helps tremendously if you offer a round number like $1, $5, $20, etc.
  8. Carry a selection of bills and change with you (see #7).  We will give some tricks of the trade later, but if you can hold out a $5 while you are making your offer, hosts will often grab it.  Also you will want lots of quarters and $1 bills, so you can just drop it in the hosts’ hand when you go by the pay table.
  9. Time is Money!  Don’t waste time messing around at sales. Get your stuff, pay and leave. That allows you to get to the most sales each day and find the most good stuff.
  10. Have FUN!!  That is the best part about looking for garage sale shopping bargains and flipping garage sale finds.  It is fun.  Do not treat your shopping like a job.  Take your friends with you.  Have a good lunch.  Make some new friends at garage sales.  It’s all good!



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The “Fill a Box” Method:  Stick a bunch of records in one of these boxes, and offer one low price for the box.

The host gets to unload a bunch of stuff, while you make out like a bandit!



Awesome Veteran Tricks for Saving Money While Finding Garage Sale Shopping Bargains!


OK, so here are some unique tricks that we have used over the last 12 years of yard sale shopping and garage sale flipping for profit in order to get the lowest possible price on garage sale shopping bargains:


  • The “Irresistible Large Bill” – This trick can work with even a $5 or $10 for small items and books, but it works even better for $20 or $50 bills.  When you find a goldmine garage sale, stack a bunch of stuff near the pay table, and offer them about half of the sticker price.  Hold the $20 or $50, and say something along the lines of: “Wow, great sale!  I found all of this stuff and I think it came to a little over $20… would you take this (hold up the $20 bill)? Almost always works, even if the total is $40+.
  • The “I only have (fill in the $ amount).”  This one is admittedly a bit dishonest, but it works great.  Garage sales are all about negotiation anyways, so you are getting lied to yourself by the hosts half of the time.  If you do this for any amount of time, you will hear “I don’t worked the last time I tried it..” many times, when the host knows the item does not work.  Anywho…  for this garage sale bargaining method, you go to the pay table with items totaling $12, and hold the $10.  You say, “Man, I really like this stuff, but I only have this ($10 bill).  Would you take $10?”  Almost always works if the prices are close to the offer.  Just keep one $10 bill in your wallet, and a $5 or $20 in separate pockets to use for this method.
  • Closely inspect the item, and point out the defects, especially if there are missing accessories, etc.   Say: “This is kind of cool, but it has a crack here and it is missing a piece, would you take (insert price)?”  You can also ask if there are instructions for electronics.  If they don’t have them (they never do), act disappointed and say “well then, would you take __?”
  • The “Fill a Box or Bag” Method – This works great for small toys, nick-nacks, books, and CDs/Records.  Go up to the host and say:  “Hey, you have a lot of books (or whatever) that I like.  Could I fill up a box (or bag) for $5?”  Its a win-win for both of you.   You get garage sale shopping bargains, and they get rid of a bunch of stuff.
  • This works awesome, and I chuckle each time…(later).  Take two similar items to the pay table, one that you like and want to buy, and one that is a higher priced item.  Say: “I like both of these items.  Would you take __ for both?”  Make them a low-ball offer (you really do not want both items).  When they say no, say: “OK, I understand.  Well, how about just this one for $10, then?”  This works great because the host feels bad because they already turned you down for the combo offer.  Most people don’t like saying ‘no’ to nice people more than once.
  • The over-exuberant customer” method.  Take an item that you want to bargain on to the table, and act really excited about it.  “Oh man, I’ve been looking for this (these) forever!  I can’t believe you have one!  I used to have one of these growing up!”  Hosts will usually negotiate on price, if they think that the item is going t somebody that really wants it or needs it.  Works well for rare items and collectibles.
  • The “walk-away”.  This one comes with some risk.  Don’t use this one if you really want a certain item.  Offer the host a low price on a bunch of items or one of the highest priced items at the sale.  When they give you a counter-offer, say “Nah.  I guess I’ll go back to that other sale and get that other deal.”  Then walk away without buying anything.  I ‘ve had multiple hosts change their mind and take my offer.  They want to sell that high priced item, and you are often their best chance to get rid of it.   You can always go back several minutes later, and say that you changed your mind and buy it.  Of course, there is a risk that somebody else might buy the item before you come back.
  • The “good guy (or gal) approach”.  Buy a couple of items, and say as you are leaving:  “Hey, you know, if you don’t sell all of those books or items, I’d be happy to get rid of the leftovers for you.  Saves you a trip to Goodwill, or filling up your garbage cans.”  You can even offer to pay a small amount for the leftovers.  Again, it’s a win-win.  You have to spend the time to come back later, but you get a bunch of stuff for free (or cheap), and the host gets rid of the rest of their stuff.  You can get a ton of garage sale shopping bargains this way.


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