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Garage sale signs and yard sale signs are vital to your bottom line garage sale profits.  Yet, many garage sale hosts pay little attention to making good rummage sale signs.  It should be common sense that better garage sale and yard sale signs will mean more garage sale profits!Sign design and placement are two of the most important concerns. Often, your signs alone will bring people into your sale.  Without fail, time and a bit of extra money spent on garage sale signs or yard sale signs will be earned back by bringing extra shoppers to your sale.

Make sure that people driving by your signs can read the most important information. If you are a garage saler, you know how annoying it is to try to read the information on tiny garage sale signs with small print from a moving vehicle. Do you turn your car around, or back up to re-read those signs? No. You just keep on going and look for the next sale.

How do you avoid that same fate?


Sign Size and Design

Make your yard sale signs legible!I cannot make this any more clear. You MUST be able to read the writing on yard sale signs from a moving car from at least 30-50 yards away, or else your signs are worthless. Do you think the average person can read thin ink writing on a standard piece of notebook paper from a moving car? Heck no. So why do so many yard sale hosts make their signs like that?

Your sign should be a minimum of 12 x 18″, and you should make them larger, if possible. Just be careful about making them TOO large, as over-sized signs can be easily folded over by the wind. Some municipalities and areas also limit the size of signs – I have seen 2 x 2′, or 4′ square requirements.

Check your cities laws before making your signs.

The print on the sign is also important. The lettering on the sign should be in legible BLOCK LETTERING, and should be BLACK, not multi-colored. Black writing is the easiest to read. You should use the largest marker that you can find, or flat black paint. The background should be a light color, so that the black writing contrasts.

Put only the information that is necessary to get people to your sale on your signs, no distracting drawings or writing. Anything that takes people’s eyes away from how to get to your sale is unnecessary. Balloons and streamers are also extraneous.


Garage sale signs must relay ONLY THREE IMPORTANT DETAILS:

  1. Your Street Address
  2. Time and Days that Your Sale is Open
  3. What Kind of Sale is it?


Make sure that your days and time are large enough to be read from a distance. Do not make ‘garage sale’ huge, and the rest of the information tiny. You also want to make sure that your letters are not smashed together, making them difficult to read. Don’t use dates, so that you can reuse your signs in future years.



Garage Sale Superstar provides many valuable garage sale tips and yard sale tips.

The book was written by the webmaster of Garage Sale Academy.

There is also a Kindle version of Superstar available from the same page for $3.

Superstar is currently #1 in its category on Amazon.

Sign Construction

If you’re willing to buy pre-constructed yard sale signs, there are definite benefits, provided you buy the largest signs, as explained above. Professional-looking signs send several messages to prospective garage sale shoppers.

  • You care about your sale.
  • You are likely to have quality items to buy, because you have the money to buy quality signs

If you do buy signs, make sure that they are made of thick stock, and that the posts or frames are sturdy enough to not get destroyed by a rainstorm and can be re-used for future sales.

If you decide to make your own signs, make sure that you use materials that are weather-resistant. Paper gets destroyed by rain, almost instantly. Cardboard is a bit better, but still melts in the rain. Poster-Board is fairly reliable, but may get folded by the wind. Corrugated plastic board is the best option, but can get expensive if you place the correct number of signs.

I usually use poster board, and use wood posts on both sides of the signs. Make sure the bottoms of the posts are tapered so that you can drive them into the ground easily.

Only write on one side of the sign to prevent the bleed-through effect.



Garage Sale Signs Placement

Where you put your garage sale signs is almost as important as what your signs look like.The more signs that you have out, the more customers you will pull in.

At a minimum, you should have signs at the nearest high-traffic intersections. You should have several signs at each intersection, so that drivers can see your signs from each direction.

If your signs are more than a mile from your road, make sure you keep drivers on the route by making additional signs with directional arrows and also your address.

Make sure that there is a very visible sign at the last corner before your house, so that customers do not miss your road and sale location.


Garage Sale Sign Tips and Yard Sale Sign Tips

  • Save money on garage sale signs:  Make signs out of quality materials so that they can be used for years.  Just make sure that you have your sale on the same days of the week and use the same opening and closing times.
  • You can also save money on yard sale signs by pooling money for signs between families.   Use a standard start time and days of week.  Leave a large blank area at the bottom of the sign.  Then, each family can make address plates that can be affixed to the signs in the blank areas.  That way, one lot of signs can be used for multiple families.



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