Garage Sale Sticker

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Garage Sale sticker selection is important for your garage sale organization and layout.  They also are important for communicating with your customer.Nothing is more frustrating for garage sale shoppers than going to a sale and not being able to immediately tell what the prices on items are.

We also have some links for ordering great looking price stickers and labels online!


garage sale stickers
garage sale price stickers


Advantages to Using a Manufactured Garage Sale Sticker Set

There are a number of important advantages to using sharp-looking manufactured yard sale price stickers, like the ones seen above left. Here are some considerations:

  • The faster you can price your garage sale items, the more time you have to find more stuff to sell. Time is money! It’s more than twice as fast to peel and stick manufactured price stickers than to make your own price stickers.
  • Manufactured yard sale labels look better, and as we have discussed before on other pages such as the Garage Sale Tips page, the better and more organized your garage sale is, the more likely it is that people will feel good about buying your stuff. Make your sale look good!
  • Color coding of price stickers allows rummage sale hosts to easily keep track of multiple family’s sales, sales in multiple categories (red for books, green for music, etc), and you could even use a certain colored sticker for items leftover from prior garage sales that you are still trying to get rid of.
  • Price stickers are cheap anyway, you really are not saving much money by using good price stickers rather than a roll of tape and an ink pen.
  • Now with the ease of ordering labels online, you can order in two minutes and have labels delivered right to your house. You don’t even have to go to the store to get them!
  • Manufactured Garage Sale Stickers are highly visible. Customers that can see item prices easily are much more likely to pick up and buy an item that is for sale than an item that has the price sticker obscured.
  • Manufactured price stickers are safer on collectible items than sticking masking tape on them, or (God forbid!) actually writing on the items with a marker. Try to avoid sticking ANY stickers on the dust jackets of books, especially antiquarian books. Stick your labels inside the book on the blank interior page, or better yet, use a chart like the one in the photo above and to the right to avoid putting stickers on books. You also want to avoid putting stickers on vinyl record jackets, collectible posters, and anything else that is antique and made of paper or cardboard. Think of your customers who are collectors when you are pricing your items!

For a discussion on how to decide on the prices for sales items at your garage sale, check out the Garage Sale Academy’s Garage Sale Price Guide!


Garage Sale Sticker Placement

You would think that the placement of garage sale and yard sale price stickers would be common sense, but that is not true in some cases.

In most cases, the easier it is to find the price on an item, the more likely it is that a yard sale shopper will see the great bargain and buy your item.

But sometimes, a garage sale sticker should not be placed in the center of the item.  Garage sale hosts should NOT place price stickers on collectible items that can be damaged by the removal of price stickers.  It is important to think like your customers, who may be collectors.  Would you want a large gaudy sticker on a valuable collectible?  No.

Most collectors will be removing price stickers from their collectible items when they get home.   Garage sale hosts can cooperate with collectors, and perhaps earn more sales in the process by:

  • Only placing a garage sale sticker on smooth surfaces where it can be removed safely like on plastic, metal and fabric.
  • Do NOT place garage sale price stickers on collectible paper and cardboard items like books with paper dust jackets, comic books, photos, prints, artwork, and vinyl records, unless they have plastic covers over them.
  • Do NOT write prices on anything with ANY TYPE of marker or pen.
  • Attempt to place stickers in the corners of items, when possible.

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