Garage Sale Tips

Garage Sale Tips and Garage Sale Ideas

Here are some valuable garage sale tips to help you in the pricing of your items, and the organization of your tables, which can effectively double your income!There are several areas that can affect the bottom line of your garage sale:


  1. The Starting Time and Ending Time of your Sale
  2. The Days of the Week that you are Open
  3. The Time of Year for your Sale
  4. The Organization of your Sale and Tables
  5. Advertisement of your Sale
  6. Garage Sale Signs
  7. The Location of your Yard Sale
  8. The Content of your Items
  9. Garage Sale Pricing
  10. Dealing with Customers


We will discuss all of these important aspects of your garage sale in detail in the links below.


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General Garage Sale Tips

Let’s start with some garage sales tips that will help you to make the most money from your potential garage sales items:

  • Before you even start looking for stuff to sell, contact your neighbors, friends and relatives and decide on a weekendat least one month in the future that will work the best for everyone. Not everybody needs to be a cashier / host at the sale, but they will at least need to have their items priced and at the sale location. Multi-family garage sales will attract more shoppers and make you more money every time. The larger your sale is, the more customers you will get, and the more stuff you will sell. We will discuss multi-family garage sales more in-depth later.
  • Holding your garage sale weeks in the future is great for several reasons. It allows you time to go through all your storage areas to find items to sell. Go through your attic, crawl space, garage, closets, and sheds to find stuff to sell. Go through the boxes that nobody has been into in years. You may have garage sale gold in those boxes! Also check all of your dresser drawers for clothes that are not worn anymore or kids’ clothes that don’t fit. Clothes make excellent money at garage sales, especially name brand items.
  • Make a general list of the large high money items that you intend to sell at your garage sale, and have your co-hosts do the same. Compile one list for the sale that contains all of your big-ticket items so that you can include those items in your classified ads and online advertisements.
  • Advertise your garage sale for TWO weeks before your sale, not just the prior week. Click on the link for a discussion on Garage Sale Advertising for how to get the most customers to your yard sale. Be creative with the title of your sale. Come up with a cool theme – ‘Manly Garage Sale’, ‘Moms and Tots Sale’, and ‘Sportsperson’s Yard Sale’ are examples. We will cover advertisement along with additional garage sale tips in detail later.
  • Check your garage sale inventory for items that will make you more money on eBay or Amazon. If you have never sold on these internet sites, don’t be nervous! They both have exceptional instructions for getting started that any 12-year old can follow. You just have to go for it! Media items, collectible items, and designed clothes are areas where you will make significantly more money on the internet than at a garage sale! After you are done reviewing this section on selling at garage sales, please jump over to the Garage Sale Flipping section, for instruction on how to resell garage sale finds and thrift store treasure!
  • Never let ANYBODY you don’t know into your house!
  • Our Kindle book Garage Sale Superstar is a compilation of all of the garage sale tips and garage sale ideas from the webpages of Garage Sale Academy.  It is available on Kindle for only $2.95 and in paperback book format for $7.95.

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