Garage Saling

The Joy of Garage Saling

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Garage Saling [verb] “In the USA, the act of going to garage sales has spawned the use of a new verb construction in the vernacular known as “garage saling” (also garage sailing).

One who frequents garage sales is said to be going “garage sale-ing.”


Here are Some Garage Sale Tips to help you have more fun and find more stuff at garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales:


  • Check your newspaper classified ads and Craigslist garage sale ads on Thursday. Make a route that allows you to cover the most ground, and spend the least possible amount of gas money. Allow for a breakfast or lunch break at your favorite affordable restaurant.
  • Get going early! Many of the best deals are gone in the first fifteen minutes of the sale opening. Start your day at the garage sale that had the most enticing ad when you made your list on Thu.
  • Take a friend or relative. It makes the day more enjoyable when you can talk to somebody when you are in the car in between sales, at lunch, etc.
  • Be friendly with the yard sale host. You might make a new friend, and you will definitely be more likely to be able to negotiate prices if you have made a positive impression with the host before you try to talk “business” with them.
  • Take a pocketful of change with you, and some one dollar bills. There are a lot of sales where you will just want to be able to drop a quarter on the table on the way out, instead of waiting for change. This also helps with negotiations. If you are holding a dollar bill in your hand when you say, “I’ve got these 6 items that you have a quarter on, would you take $1?”, they will be more likely to grab the dollar. If they have to make change, they will often say no.


This page is devoted to you, the garage sale fanatic, the yard sale junkie.

We would love to hear all about your garage saling stories, your successes and challenges, and your funny experiences.

Please click on the link below, and build your own mini-web page! You will be able to access it at any time and your friends and garage sale partners will be able to see it, too.

All you have to do is click on the link, and tell your story, and this website does the rest. The link is secure, and can not be used for anything other than this submission. It is quick and easy!






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