Kids and Garage Sales


What should you do when you are going garage sailing and you have children with you?  kids Kids and garage sales can be a challenging combination, but it can also be a lot of fun for both you and the kids.  Here are some fun kids garage sale ideas and how to safely go garage sale shopping with kids.  We also cover how to host a yard sale and watch your kids at the same time.

We have been garage sale shopping with our young children for seven years and have been to thousands of garage sales and yard sales.  We can provide advice for parents because we have seen what works and what does not.

  • Having the kids at yard sales while you are yard sale shopping can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding for both you and the children if you do things right.






Rules for Kids and Garage Sales


  • For kids underage 10, or so, make sure that they are within arm’s reach, so that you can grab them before they break something, or accidentally trip somebody. Obviously, it’s also so that you are there before your kids get hurt, stick something in their mouth.
  • Go over the rules with your kids BEFORE you go to each yard sale. “Remember – No fighting, No touching things besides toys, and stay by Mom or Dad.”
  • Going to garage sales can be great for teaching kids the value of money, and the value of coins, etc. Give the young kids a set amount of quarters and dimes for each day, and tell them “you have $2 to spend at sales today. You get to pick out what you want to buy..”
  • Kids at garage sales quickly learn to save money for the good toys, how to count money, the value of quarters and dimes, and how to talk to people about money. My boys have been negotiating prices down from quarters to dimes since they were old enough to talk. It’s hilarious.




Making it Fun for Kids and Garage Sales

I have been to garage sales where the host’s kids made the sale a disaster and I have been to yard sales where the kids were making the sale a blast for both the host family and the visitors.


Involve them! If you can’t do that, you need to make arrangements to have a relative or babysitter take the kids at somewhere else.

Here are some great tips for involving your kids at your garage sale or yard sale:

  1. This is a BIGGIE. Let the kids decide what to sell, when it comes their stuff, and let them keep at least part of the money when their items sell. It keeps them interested in the sale, and they can talk to kids and try to sell their stuff.
  2. Let older children help at the pay table. If it is not busy, kids can take money, and make change. It teaches kids how to talk to people, and how to make change.
  3. Give the kids a table and let them do their own thing (But close enough to your table that you can watch them). Kids can set up a toy table for selling their own stuff, a lemonade or goodies table, or a donation table for a charity. Teach them the value of donating to a cause. It also makes people more likely to buy your adult stuff, if you have kids that are donating to a charity.

A Kids Niche Garage Sale can be Profitable for Parents and Fun for Kids


Lemonade or Cookie Stands also  Occupies Kids During Garage Sales, plus They can Earn Some Toy Money to Replace the Toys They Sold at the Sale!


Notes for Garage Sale Flippers

For those of us that garage sale shop for resale, having young children with you can be a challenge. You want to move fast and get lots of stuff to resell, but you have to constantly watch the kids and keep them out of trouble.There are two routes you can take for kids and garage sales1) Find someone to watch them while you are garage sale picking, or 2) Take the kids with you and teach them how to act and involve them.

We have taken our young boys with us for years, and enjoy it. The boys understand that most of the stuff that we buy is to resell. They know that they will be able to find some cool toys at garage sales, and even know some of the valuable stuff to look for at sales, so they can help “pick”.

Having said that, you do have to allow for more time at each sale, as kids cannot move as fast as adults, and they are going to want to look at ALL of the toys.

Just try to make it fun, and plan breaks and meals into your garage sailing days.


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