Online Garage Sale

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Get more online garage sale information here: What are they and what are the best sites to start with?

You can list garage sale items in the Winter -a profitable alternative to eBay.

There are a number of sites that allow people to list items at their ‘online garage sale’ or ‘online yard sale’.

Using their services is very easy.  All of the sites have step by step instructions for listing or buying items on their sites.


  • The potential online yard sale user simply provides registration information, and then proceeds to offer any number of items for sale in their virtual garage sale.
  • Users can provide digital photographs of the items, and can manage their prices and availability. The sale items are listed on the host website, similar to how things are done on Craigslist (except all of your items would be visible in one place -your virtual Garage).
  • Interested customers contact the virtual garage owner by email message and payment is arranged through an outside source. Garage owners can accept personal checks, or may take Paypal payments. Shipping availability and pricing would also be negotiable.
  • An online rummage sale is an affordable alternative to eBay, in that there are no fees, unless you choose to accept Paypal payments.


One website that specializes in Online yard sales is . This site is totally free to register AND to list items.

You can also list your local “Non-virtual” garage sale on this site.

  • Another online garage salesite is It is a free listing site, similar to the previous website.
  • is a site that has more volume to attract customers, but does have a small transaction fee for sold items.




Benefits of Having an Online Garage Sale

  • You can hold online sales anytime, from anywhere. Obviously, you do not have to worry about the weather.
  • It’s easier than traditional sales. There is no set-up time, and getting all of your stuff ready to sell. Just take pics and list your items.
  • You do not have the set-up time requirements like with regular garage sales.  You do not have to worry about garage sale organization, advertising, or getting people together to host the sale.
  • There are very small or no fees. Paypal charges a small fee, if you use their service. This is not required for some of the sites.
  • You don’t have to worry about people being in your garage, messing up your driveway, and there are no safety concerns. This can be a big concern for potential garage sale hosts in some urban areas.



Almost Free Money


Garage Sale Superstar


The Garage Sale Academy showcases three books which feature summaries of the content of this website:

  • Almost Free Money discusses flipping garage sale, yard sale, thrift store, and flea market finds.  You also learn how to locate and sell free materials that you can find while garage sale shopping, or even just recreating outside. Imagine that!  Sounds fun, right?

There is a ton of original content (not obtained from other books or websites) related to finding and selling high-profit scrap metal, finding precious metals like gold and silver for free, and selling vintage electronics and their components on eBay.

  • Fast Cash: Flipping Used Items teaches readers a fun and profitable system for locating used items for cheap and selling them online for excellent profit.
  • Garage Sale Superstar features tons of tips for increasing your profits when you hold your own garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale, estate sale, or tag sale.

The information in this book is 100% original.  As veterans of shopping at approximately 2,000 garage sales over the last twelve years, we can authoritatively tell you what works and what does not when it comes to pricing garage sale items, advertising sales, making signs and stickers, and making the highest possible profits at your sale!


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