127 yard sale

Garage Sale Superstar
Everybody is talking about the Highway 127 Yard Sale, which is The World’s Longest Yard Sale (Thursday August 7 – Sunday August 10, 2014) and consists of thousands of yard sales and garage sales. Imagine one road lined with mile after mile of estate sales.  How much treasure can you fit […]

127 Yard Sale 2014: Top 5 Places to Go

Highway 127 Yard Sale
Endless Yard Sale 2014 The Endless Yard Sale 2014 is the longest yard sale in the world, featured in a HGTV special, where teams compete in a fun yard sale flipping competition during the 2012 Endless Yard Sale. In the HGTV program, three teams are given $300, and they venture […]

Endless Yard Sale 2014