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Yard Sale Tips and Yard Sale Ideas


Yard sale veterans provide many yard sale tips and yard sale advice for making the most money and having the most fun at your sale!Have a successful yard sale this year and make the most yard sale money possible by applying the yard sale information found here.

Yard Sale Organization is Vital


At the bottom of this page, there are many links provided for assisting you in making money with yard sales.These pages also address other similar sales such as garage sales, rummage sales, estate sales, and tag sales, so you will definitely want to read these pages for additional yard sale tips and yard sale help. 

On this page we will discuss some of the unique challenges with organizing a yard sale, and other issues.

Yard Sale Tips and Yard Sale Help

Here are some yard sale tips to help you make the most money at your sale this year!

  1. When you hold a garage sale, you are primarily protected inside of your garage. Yardsales have to account for the weather. Make sure that you have a Rain Date in your advertisements, usually the following weekend.
  2. Make sure that you keep boxes somewhere that you can get them out fast, in case it rains. You will want to have all of your items out of the boxes and priced before your sale starts, but lay out items so that you can easily put them back into a box in a hurry.
  3. Get some waterproof tarps lined up before your sale. The bigger the tarps, the better. You can also use the tarps to cover your items after each day, so you don’t get rain, dew, or dust on your items.
  4. You have a lot more flexibility in how you organize tables, compared to a garage sale. Make sure that you give people room to pass each other comfortably in between the tables. You should set up your tables so that there is a flow to your sale, and shoppers end up naturally at your pay table.
  5. I’ve been to a ton of sales that look like a bomb went off in the hosts’ yard. Make your sale look neat, and people will feel more comfortable buying stuff from you.
  6. Assign one host to be the organizer. She can keep your items looking good, which will directly need to more sales! Keep moving items to the fronts of the tables as stuff sells. You don’t want large open spaces on your tables. Eventually, you will want to remove tables when they start looking thin. The organizer can also make sure that price stickers are visible, toys are not where people can trip on them, and even perhaps make a run for drinks and food!
  7. Chances are, you and your potential customers are going to be in the hot sun. Schedule your sale when it is not going to be 100 degrees. June is better than August in the US.
  8. You can make some quick money by selling coffee when it is cool, or lemonade when it is hot. Better yet, have the kids do it!
  9. Have the toys table or area at the front of the sale, and off to the side. That way, your customers’ kids are quickly satisfied, and they will often grab toys at the front of your sale just to shut the kids up, so they can shop. It also contains the mess off to the side, and keeps the rowdy kids from your book shoppers, who are often older adults.
  10. For summer sales, start early. You will have early birds there before 7AM anyway, so start at 7. It is likely to be cool in the morning, and many people like to get things done in the summer while it is still tolerable. Research has shown that sales often slow considerably after noon. I like the 7-3 time slot for summer sales.
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